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Top 6 Best New Bay Area Pizzerias of 2021

Yarn Y. AvatarYarn Y.

5 star rating Those of you who follow my reviews know I rarely give a 5 star review . Those are reserved to the really exceptional eateries .... read more - 5/26/2022 

Tonya P. AvatarTonya P.

5 star rating Today I wanted to order the Detroit Style pizza again but only a NY style pizza or Sicilian was available. I decided to try a... read more - 5/15/2022 

Love K. AvatarLove K.

5 star rating So... I thought I tried Detroit style pizza long time ago but I think it was just a deep dish Pizza. Hehe... Oops!

We ordered the...
read more - 5/12/2022 

Lydia P. AvatarLydia P.

5 star rating Look no further....THIS IS THE BEST PIZZA I have ever had in my life! I'm not a big crust fan, but this crust is to... read more - 5/03/2022