Years in The Making

Strive for Perfection. Never not learning.

hom·age /ˈ(h)ämij/

  1. special honor or respect shown publicly.

Slice of Homage is the result of years of experience in the Pizza Industry; Since 2002, while spending years moving up in the ranks, Steven Barrantes gained knowledge everywhere he went, including soaking knowledge from world-champion, Master Pizzaiolo John Arena…

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top shelf ingredients

You get out what you put in. What we get out is something special.

Years of refinement and uncompromising hunger for growth has led to the attention to detail that is Slice of Homage. We only use the best ingredients, from the tomatoes and top-shelf artisan flour, to the Rosa Grande pepperoni; we are never satisfied and constantly striving to improve what we do best. 

Make my mouth water!