About Steven B.

Chef, Founder

I have been in the food service industry all of my professional career going on 20 years with a focus on pizza. I truly have a tremendous respect and passion for pizza. The more I learn the more I understand that there is great responsibility in work that I do. My career pizzas began at a local pizzeria in San Jose where I worked for over 12 years and that is where I got my start.


It didn’t take long to realize that this is what I was meant to do as my life’s work. I have worked every position imaginable in the food services industry beginning as a Dishwasher all the way up to a General Manager, and to now Chef/Owner. I have worked at some of the best pizzerias in the area and have also had specific training from very well respected pizza masters in the industry. I’m still not done learning. I will continue to hone my craft so that I can share my passion with you all!

Years in The Making

Strive for Perfection. Never not learning.

hom·age /ˈ(h)ämij/

  1. special honor or respect shown publicly.

Slice of Homage is the result of years of experience in the Pizza Industry; Since 2002, while spending years moving up in the ranks, Steven Barrantes gained knowledge everywhere he went, including soaking knowledge from world-champion, Master Pizzaiolo John Arena.

Established in 2020

Like many displaced workers in the service industry, we were affected by the pandemic. Instead of just waiting around for things to happen, we got busy and started baking pizzas out of the apartment. Things have gradually taken off from there.


Legacy of Refinement

We offer a wide range of pizza styles that are found in various parts of the country and the world. From Detroit style pizza with the caramelized cheese crust to our 5 day aged Sicilian pizza, we specialize in many styles. We do not believe in taking short cuts or cutting corners in any way, sourcing as many local ingredients as we possibly can.

Our team has many years of experience in the food service industry with a focus on pizza. We are constantly evolving and figuring out ways on how to bring our area the best pizza we possibly can!


Top Shelf Ingredients

You get out what you put in
What we get out is something special.

Years of refinement and uncompromising hunger for growth has led to the attention to detail that is Slice of Homage. We only use the best ingredients, from the tomatoes and top-shelf artisan flour, to the Rosa Grande pepperoni; we are never satisfied and constantly striving to improve what we do best.